Furnace Air Filter Installation

Have you ever had trouble trying to figure out which direction to install a furnace air filter? If yes, this article is for you. Furnace air filters have arrows on them and need to be installed with the arrow pointed in the direction of the air flow of the equipment.

Replacing a furnace air filter doesn’t sound like a difficult task, right? But unless you have some experience replacing furnace filters, you are better off having an HVAC service technician replace your furnace’s filters to maximize the air flow and performance of your furnace.

SW Washington Furnace Air Filter Tips

Most people install them in an up-flow position, which in SW Washington is generally wrong. Most homes built in the SW Washington area with the furnace in the garage are downflows, so the arrow should be pointed down. So, at your next yearly maintenance have your service technician mark an arrow indicating the airflow of the equipment, that will take the guess work out of it for the future.

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Furnace Air Filter

Furnace Air Filter